Rugby World Cup 2015

Stamp name: Tackle

Value: Second Class

Release date: 18 September 2015

Designer: Geoff Appleton

About this stamp

In Rugby Union, tackling is the only legal way to stop an opponent running with the ball. A tackle occurs when the ball carrier is brought to the ground by one or more opponents. Only players carrying the ball can be tackled.

The Rugby World Cup 2015 Special Stamps collection celebrates the eighth Rugby World Cup, which was hosted by England from September to October 2015.

This set of eight Special Stamps – issued in four se-tenant strips – features images of key moves and set pieces within the game: the tackle, scrum, try, conversion, pass, drop goal, ruck and line-out. They all feature the official Rugby World Cup 2015 logo.

The dynamic images combine unusual angles with gritty textures to put the viewer right in the thick of the action – inside the scrum, at ground level for a conversion and seeing a drop goal fly over the post. They were created on A4 canvases by illustrator Geoff Appleton. They have several painted layers per image, which were then combined digitally. 

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Design Hat-trick design
Illustration Geoff Appleton
Stamp format Landscape
Stamp size 41mm x 30mm
Printer International Security Printers
Print process Lithography
Perforation 14.5 x 14
Phosphor as appropriate

The illustrations reference the following photographic sources – tackle © AP/PA Images; scrum and line-out © Image Source/CORBIS; try and drop goal © Camillo Natale-Miles/Saracens RFC; conversion © Getty Images; pass © Douglas Fisher; ruck © International Rugby Board; TM © RWC Ltd 1986

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Presentation Pack
Written by renowned sports writer and journalist Richard Rae, the Presentation Pack is an official Rugby World Cup 2015 item and therefore features the ‘Official Merchandise’ hologram.

It offers facts, figures and stats from the history of the competition, as well as exploring the origins of the game. It also features a wealth of fascinating images and authoritative definitions of aspects of play depicted on the eight Special Stamps, which are included in the pack. 

First Day Cover
The First Day Cover is cancelled with a special Crouch Bind Set postmark and includes an insert with a fixture planner of all 48 games in the 2015 tournament.